The Space Chariot Hoverboard

Buy a top of the line hoverboard from a company you can depend on! All products are UL 2272 safety certified with a 1-2 year warranty! The Space Chariot Team's mission is to lead the self-balancing scooter hoverboard movement by increasing accessibility to the general public at reasonable costs, while still delivering top of the line products and customer service.

We encourage all of our customers to be active, and actively expressing yourself with your hoverboard. We believe that everyone deserves to live like kings and queens and are dedicated to ensuring that every customer receives an unforgettable experience and a Space Chariot hoverboard they can truly rely on. 

Space Chariot Hoverboards are extremely environmentally friendly, given they do not omit any fumes, they're portable, convenient, and affordable!

Get your Hoverboard Fast!

All orders are processed and shipped within 2-4 business days!

All Hoverboards Powered by Samsung.

1-2 Year Warranty Available.

When you buy a hoverboard from us you get a free one year warranty, with the option to add on an extra year (making it 2 years total). 

Top of the line Hoverboards that are UL Safety Certified!

All hoverboards and products are UL safety certified!

Quick Charging!

Fully charge your hoverboard in only 1-2 hours! 

Go the distance!

Get 15-20 miles worth of travel (per charge)!

Best Sellers

The Space Chariot

Each Space Chariot self-balancing scooter "hoverboard" is crafted with intergrity and precision, and only manufactured with top of the line materials giving Space Ninjas a fun, sleek, and reliable way to get around.